Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 6 mile plateau

I have been working on my long distance running since March and have gone up to 6 miles. Which I realize is a huge feat for me but maybe not so much for most people, or people who are "real" runners. I feel I've hit a plateau with my distance and its probably 80% mental. When I first broke my 3mile plateau I used the mantra "om namo shivaya" and now I'm looking for the next thing that will get me through! I've traded my barefoot shoes for real running shoes with the intent for upping my mileage! The bonus to my running is that I've finally taken it outdoors on a more regular basis and what better place to run than the Highline! My only gripe is that it doesn't open until 7am and I like starting at 6-6:30 but I guess it doesn't kill me to sleep an extra 30min here and there :) 

Hoping these will take me far!

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