Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dear Spring, Are you really here?

My cousin is obsessed with Hello Kitty. I mean, so am I! Aren't all of us Asian girls big on the Hello-Kitty-lovin'? Well, decided to get in on the Hello Kitty MAC madness and she gave me these cutie-kins. We both declared that the lipgloss smells like Hello Kitty...whatever that means.

And lookie, where does one find Nemo but in our box of Fruit Loops!

Yummy Reeses cupcake from Crumbs that I was snacking on last night as I watched old episodes of Buffy...still got half of it left for tonight.

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Cindy said...

i love your blog!
that cupcake looked sooo good. and i recognize that martha stewart plate, circa 2001 or something haha