Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vitamin D, please.

Why it needs to be Spring in NYC, FAST...I am completely consumed by nonsense. Here is a list of the nonsense: For the Love of Ray J, RuPaul's Drag Race, I Love Money 2, The City (its such a thorn in my NYer side at the same time), The Celebrity Apprentice (even as it is 2hrs long!), Kelis and her baby bump, Amber Rose and her second skin red pants, Britney and her hoo hoo at her concert and any other celebrity crap I can sink my teeth into. Its all obscenely interesting to me right now. But what I really should do is go outside and sit under a PLEASE PTB, can you make it a lil more sunny from now on? This chinita needs her vitimin D!

On an
other note, Tomorrow Powerhouse in Brooklyn is hosting a forum between graffiti writers and VS members...or former members...or whatever. Somehow this makes me feel all cheetoes to the max but I guess its all a part of history and the first time for many things sound and feel cheesey. Info for the event is here.

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