Sunday, March 22, 2009

Muay Thai and Shopping.

My weekend kicked off with Friday Night Fights all Muay Thai event at the Hall at St. Paul's 60th and Columbus. This was a great night since many of the fights were evenly matched and FNF rarely has all Muay Thai events. There were fighters from different so many different gyms...Sitan, Evolution Muay Thai, Fairtex, Renzo Gracie, 5 points...Pictures my brother took...

And Saturday was a Muay Thai training day followed by...SHOPPING! Here are some lovely finds for the weekend...

Cubannie Links earrings...I've become such a fan of her fabulous jewelry line!

Office Tramp telephone bracelet

Rings and earrings from Girl Props

And last but not least a fabulous bag from my girl at
Funny Fannys

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Mouf.Peace said...

we are so loverflies i have taht turntable 2 finger ring. and i loooove that PURSE loves it!