Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Third Bikram class

Advice I got from friends who LOVE Bikram Yoga:
Drink a Zico or some kind of coconut water before class
Hydrate before class
Get a spot near the window!
Keep going because you will always feel like you hate it sometimes, but feel good afterwards.

So this morning I decided to get up early and try a 7am class. I am the type of person that likes early morning workouts because they're out of the way and then I have no way of talking myself out of working out later in the day. I drank 2 cups of water before I left, at the studio I drank a small Zico. I was there early enough to choose a spot. I did sort of mess up at first and just pick some place near the window however a heater was point directly at me! My hands started burning in the beginning. During halfmoon! So I moved to the front row, still near the window but away from the heat fans.

WELL! Today I had a pretty awesome class. I got through every posture. Only drank a quarter of my water. So the problems were that I had to pee by the end, kinda bad. Not bad enough to mess up the practice but enough that I didn't drink when maybe I should have and then I was getting headaches during the times I had to sit up and lay down and get back up. It also helped a lot that the class was not crowded at all and I didn't have anxiety in a crowded locker room as I did previously. The first two classes I took were mat to mat PACKED. So maybe the answer is 7am classes. I am going to try the 9:30 and 10ams too.

I am liking that I don't hate it today. :)

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