Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thinking of doing a Teacher Training? 200hrs in Bushwick!

Though I began practicing Yoga many years ago...I was never really a big "Yogi". I like Yoga for exercise and then saw the benefits of getting out of my head and relaxing. Then I began my love hate relationship with Yoga. I know, what's there to hate? I ended up in classes with a string of not so great teachers...and then also teachers I didn't mesh well with. At a certain point it became increasingly difficult to find a good consistent practice. Then my friend got really into Yoga and became a teacher. She really changed my view on things a lot...she still does! She helped me into my first headstand, she taught me to remember all the benefits of Yoga and why I even started practicing. I saw the many positive things it did for her and it pushed me to do a teacher training. Now, I didn't think I'd become a teacher really. I decided to do it in order to deepen my practice and to kind of decide if I could see the good in the Yoga or if I'd still write the whole idea off as culty BS. Yes I still think there is a lot of culty BS but there is a lot of good Yoga stuff out there!

In conclusion, if you're thinking about doing a teacher training to become a teacher, do it! If you really want to deepen your practice or get a better understanding of Yoga and how it can work for you...consider a training! Jai Yoga Arts is having an info session on their 200 hr trainings that are coming up!

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