Friday, January 20, 2012

Energy control and energy depletion.

Something I learned in relationships is that I HATE when I realize that I've started basing my actions and plans around another person. I hate when I allow someone else to dictate how I would act and especially if it changes from how I would normally act. I hate when someone else's actions or attitude can stir anger, anxiety and frustration with in me. And then it snowballs...I am angry because I'm angry and then I'm angry because I realize that I've lost control and I am allowing someone else to make me angry! Its the worst. This is how we sometimes allow our breath to be in control of us. Or other people's energy to dictate us. P.S. We have free will!

Breath can be make it. Just like energy can be. If I choose not to engage with the anger and walk away instead of wasting my energy on a small disagreement I can use that energy better on things for, school, going out and having a nice time with friends. Instead of allowing this unreasonable anger to ruin my day. Today, most of the time...when I'm doing good...I can do this. I can walk away and choose my battles. Decide when its not worth it to engage and to not allow negative energy to take control of me. But its still a struggle. Practice, mess up, fail, do it again, make another mistake and practice again.

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