Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black Dragons!

Monday was the first day of the Year of the Water Dragon! Happy Lunar New Year all! I hope everyone got to eat noodles and pay off their debts! One of the most useful practices of Chinese New Year for me is letting go of grudges. I hold them pretty easily despite my Yoga practice, but for some reason, possibly just out of routine/ritual I can easily let things go at the start of CNY. Maybe its because of many years of thinking something bad will happen and all of the superstition but during this time I don't really get reflective. I get to a place where I just automatically let go and start to move on. Something that I've been emphasizing in my Yoga classes that I thought I'd pass on!

In other news...Pacific College is having an awesome Chinese New Year Celebration this Sunday. It includes forecasts for the Dragon Year, Qi Gong class, acupuncture and food! This is a free event! You can also get some info about the school! RSVP HERE.

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