Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why you should bring Yoga into your office!

I have been out of the 9-5 world for years now...nowadays its become more of an 8:30-6 or 7 kind of culture, no? What I know, since I've left that is my stress levels in my body have greatly decreased! I don't have people breathing down my back, I don't have to get on crowded subways, I don't have to work at my desk because its so busy, I don't have to...etc etc the list goes on. I also don't make as much $ and have to pay for my own health insurance which it's not even good health insurance! Anyways my main point here is the stress level! It's amazing that the amount of stress I deal with is just so much less. I will say mostly because of the subway ride itself. Sometimes I remember, just getting to work on the Subway made my day crappy to begin with. Smashed into a small dirty car underground and squished up against people I don't know? UGHHH. Ok this is the stuff I was talking about when it comes to prana and controlling your energy. Because its easily effected first thing in the morning! All we need is for one bad attitude on a subway car or rushing down a platform to create a chain of bad moods to bring into their offices! Our energy leaks out and infects other people. So make it light instead of negative!

This brings me to another point. I teach Yoga in offices. It's absolutely awesome for the people I teach. Their boss, manager or company sets it up for them and I honestly believe it makes for better employee relationships. Here is a list of great things it does:
1- the employees like their boss a better for shelling out and setting up something nice for them.
2- it helps people have better relationships with their co-workers because now they're all doing something together that's not "work".
3- they get a moment in their workspace that is not stressful. This helps them equate something pleasant with their work environment.
4- if they've had a stressful or bad day, they get the chance to leave feeling good despite the events of the day.
5- physical exercise after a day of hunching over your computers, running around helping customers, or whatever type of work you do all day!
6- the breath work alone can slow down your system that's been amped from stress and coffee.
7- It gives everyone a little more energy! This is especially great for a mid day session.
8- Those who have never tried yoga and might not be so inclined to walk into a studio are now introduced to a new hobby. If you're a beginner, its a great way to get started. You're not paying for the class and there's no excuses, its right there in your office!
9- Having something given to you by your job/company really makes your attitude towards work more respectful, especially if its something like Yoga which has so many great returns
10- an office that breathes together works smoothly together.

So get some Yoga into your office! I see the benefits with the people I teach so instantly! Talk to your boss, manager, HR person! I can come to your office/shop/showroom/etc...everyone brings their own mats and I can usually provide 2-3 extras. We can vinyasa in your showrooms, conference rooms or a retail space! Some of the classes I teach are Vinyasa style, some are focused more focused on breath work, light stretching and meditation. Get some Yoga in your life!

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