Saturday, April 28, 2012

When everything falls into place

I just taught the awesomest Yoga class this afternoon. My Dharma talk was about holding things (emotions, stress, tension) so tightly that we forget how to let go of them. Sometimes our bodies are still holding. Yoga and meditation helps us to release some of the holding and instead make space. I rarely do thorough, well thought out and fluid Dharma talks. Maybe that's my own story but whatever the case was today...everyone in class was super focused and super present that I felt it. The energy was still, and time stood still. During meditation and savasana there were loud motorcycles and an ice cream truck that kept driving up and down the street but nothing could break these Yogi's! They were so present, the whole room had lightness. I think this is the first time I've taught a class that really conveyed the "union" part of Yoga so successfully. It really made me appreciate my Yoga practice and also the people who come to my classes. Thanks for your support!

I like this photo because it looks like the crown of your head is a fountain. :)

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