Monday, August 6, 2012

Ashram weekend

This was me studying the last 3 weeks.
Passing all my finals with the help of my lucky Hello Kitty pen.

So I decided to take a weekend away to meditate at Shivananda Yoga Ranch Ashram.

A much different experience from Ananda Ashram that I've been to in the past. Shivananda really stuck to the Ashram way of life. They wake you up at 5:30 am with a gong and then you're expected to show up at Satsang, meditation and Kirtan at 6. Yoga is at 8am and 4pm. Only 2 meals a day at 10am and 6pm. Satsang again at 8 and in the middle of the day you're expected to do Karma Yoga for an hour and there is an optional lecture or yoga class...and yes, free time! I found the schedule to be pretty easy going despite how it initially sounded. Waking up at 5:30am is not so bad since I typically wake up at 6:30 anyways. Lights out at 10pm was probably the more difficult part, but it worked itself out. The other guests were from all over the world, which was amazing to be around.

Peppermint candy flowers
View of the Krisha temple and the area where they served meals

My favorite Buddha

Tallest sunflowers EVER!

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