Sunday, May 26, 2013

Old ideas and new teachings

Recently one of the students in a class I taught suggested that I get into Ashtanga Yoga. I have been doing soley Vinyasa style for most of my 14 years of practice. Though nowadays every style seems to be a blend of "Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Iyengar" -still not sure what that means! I have dabbled in Iyengar style which definitely speaks to me. Though it just has not come up for me yet to find myself in Ashtanga. And there is nothing I have against it -despite the fact that many of my fellow Yogi's who are into it have told me its hard on the body and it makes them more prone to injury, but I just have not been in a place in life where it has led me there. The student who suggested it to me seemed to think I was closed off to it but really my life schedule is just filled with all kinds of things like full-time school which also includes constant studying, family, relationships and working. And then on top of that...making time for my own Yoga practice, Muay Thai training and distance running. I would love to try all the studios and all kinds of Yoga -if only I had the means and time. I often sign up for trials or buy class packages for studios to try them out but I find I rarely have time to really use them. I think that its great to be all in with all kinds of Yoga however I do feel that currently its not in my dharma. There is simply no room. So for now...I am focusing on maintaining my regular routines but still finding newness in them. Currently, I am re visiting all of my teacher training materials to discover new ways of getting into poses and also better ways of teaching them to people. Although I am limited in my time I can still make well as practice practice practice!

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