Sunday, May 5, 2013

Playfulness part II: movement

Next time you're in a Yoga class let go of your ideas of shapes and poses. Feel your joints and limbs, shake them out, rotate them. How often do we take the time to notice our joints? Notice if you're crunching them or jamming them, see if you can make space in them, make your limbs feel longer. Make space in your body and breath into those spaces. Our joint spaces are a common place for things to get "stuck". If we can pay attention to giving them some love and space we can have happier joints and be less achy!

In downward dog, lift one leg and rotate your hip, knee and ankle. Feel how all 3 joints relate to one another. In cat/cow asana you can rotate your hips and your shoulders, move your body in circular motions. In side angle pose feel the top arm reach up and over and then rotate the whole arm making circles around your face. Try one of these!

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