Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Zen of Running

I am trying to run. Actually I do run. But I am trying to run...well? Meaning I am trying to run and enjoy it and not hate it so much! In the past I have never really run for more than 3 miles so I decided to make a running "schedule" about a month ago and have stuck to it pretty well! Last week I finally got to my 4 miles -breaking 3 was a big deal. Since then I have only done it 2 other times but I'm slowly but surely working on it. Kim Kardashian has been extremely helpful in this as I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians while on the treadmill -Kardashian Dash if you will. My goal is an hour or 6 miles...but to be able to handle it every day at some point.

This whole running thing is a big mental challenge for me. First of all I get mentally obsessed -which was the reason for not being able to break 3 miles -I get bored and then convince myself I'm tired, my ankle feels weird, my legs hurt too much, I might get shin splints, etc. I keep looking at the time on the treadmill and 1 or 2 minutes is just torturous! HOW DO PEOPLE STAY ON A TREADMILL FOR AN HOUR?! Also when do your legs stop feeling so friggin sore? So that is the second part of the mental challenge -I'm not even running but I am thinking about my calves being tight and sore -when does it stop? Should I rest tomorrow or do a short run? If I do too many short runs will that make it hard to do 4 miles again? What is this stupid conversation I am having with myself about running all about? Why don't I just stop the conversation and run instead? Yes -good idea.

OK so besides Kim Kardashian, I also have Yoga -duh. So I can't do alternate nostril breathing while running, but I started using the mantra -Om nama shivaya along with the Chakras and there I am feeling all light, mentally letting go of my weird running conversation that goes no where, and just getting it done instead. Thank you, yoga and thank you, Kim. Stay tuned for progress on my running!

Kardashian dashing
Y'all need to read this book!

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