Sunday, April 22, 2012

Instead of Meditating Try....

The sea of consciousness that occupies our minds can be a rough and stormy place. We're thinking about our to do lists for the day, things that might have upset us just a minute ago, the project that's due tomorrow and the meeting on Wednesday. And/or watching tv, eating and talking on the phone at the same time? Working on a project, checking email and on ichat at the same time? My point is...when do we give our brains a break? Our bodies intuitively want a break and that's why we find ourselves sitting in the park quietly, taking a walk, reading a book or in a Yoga class. Something within us knows we need to find some stillness in the mind and body. We always talk about meditating in Yoga to help us find that stillness...the problem with true meditation is that it takes a lot of practice and to truly meditate in its fullest extent, we have to start already relaxed and well practiced. So the question is how do we get there? We can work on our focus! Below is a list of things to help find focus and give ourselves a break. These are also great suggestions for those that are more tactile and fidgety like myself :)

Instead of meditating try:
Making paper cranes
Knitting, Crocheting or Weaving
Folding paper stars
Take a walk
Sit in a cafe and people watch
Making something: jewelry, soap, candles, crafting
Eat a meal alone without reading/watching tv/socializing
And last but not least....practice Yoga!

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