Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things are happening at Jai in Bushwick!

April is Dhyana month! We are focusing on honing our meditation skills. All last month we worked on Dharana focus and concentration. As we practice that we can get to a place where meditating just happens. I like this idea that if you just sit and do...and even fake it will find yourself in it. Meditating. That is Dhyana. I think we all get there sometimes but we just don't realize it. Come to class and meditate with us!

This week we've been cleansing ourselves of gluten. Its going pretty well for me. I don't feel as sleepy and on top of that, have less a need for caffeine! Next week we're giving up sugar! my LIVE Sitar music class! So If you haven't been to Jai Yoga Arts yet...its a great time for you to try it out -so come on down!

And to be random...a link to 13 simple steps to get you through a rough day...
I know its not Friday yet...I personally work all weekend so I am not much for looking forward to the weekends but if you're feeling down and out...things could be worse...or you can just read this.

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