Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Find lightness without going to outerspace.

Sometimes we think ideas like Sattva or lightness as the place where we want to be. It seems so AMAZING! But it may not be in our path in life to...give up our material things and attachments and become a monk...right? Sattva is a natural state that we come to...just like Rajas -energeticness or Tamas -inertia. We all run through phases of life and environment that leads towards one guna more than the other but ultimately the world is made up of all 3 and its about finding the balance between them. There is a natural time and place for each one to dominate and when we're out of balance we can feel that the Rajas is making us anxious or manic...and too much Tamas can be excessively lazy or even depression. Many people think too much Sattva can't be bad! Its the goal we're trying to reach isn't it? No...too much Sattva is living in outer space, as I like to call it. Not connected to the ground and floating away from the earth. Its lovely to go up there but not a natural state for us to be there all the time. High on weed...ALL THE TIME. It maybe be a happy place but how does it fit in to the world around you? Don't get me wrong...there are plenty of people who this works for! But most of us...its just not the way to go. There

Its easy to think that the monk or whoever who has given up their attachments and lives in an ashram is experiencing this outer space like Sattva all the time...I don't think that's true. I think for them that is their path in life -their natural state of balance. And though in comparison to our regular lives it may look ultra Sattvic but I am sure to them its just every day normal and balanced.

I bounce between Rajas and Tamas in extremes sometimes...that I have to remind myself to seek a little Sattva. I find lightness in my rooftop yoga class at 200 Water Street. We're high up closer to the sky and we're only up there for an hour or so. :) If you're interested in class, we hold class on Wed and Fri mornings 8-9am $15.

200 Water Street roof top yoga!

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