Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time for Change!

Fall is a major time of change. Maybe you've noticed weird unsettling feelings or just an urge to purge your apartment. It's a great time for us to make some definite decisions and embrace the idea of just allowing things go through their cycles of change and transformation. Sometimes when we don't let go of the summer...we still walk around in shorts and end up catching a cold! Its important to move with the natural progression of the changes and also to find the places where you, yourself need to make these changes.

In other news...slight schedule changes in Yoga this week. There is no rooftop class Friday morning -bad weather! And for those of you planning to go to Jai for 4:30pm class on Saturday...I won't be teaching, but you'll be in for a big treat because Katherine, my sub is great!

San Genarro Festival
Ege tuning up his Sitar for Yoga class.

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