Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Noise pollution

For anyone living in a big city like New York...have you ever noticed how much noise is going on around? We usually don't notice it, because we've learned to live with it. Part of me believes I don't hear it and therefore my body doesn't respond to it. But the fact of the matter is...our bodies respond to loud noises, especially the sirens, construction clanking and whatever else there is. Our bodies have a stress response to sound. Which will then affect our hormones and immune systems, especially if we're hearing it all the time! Maybe our outward sense just turn off to it..but our internal senses are still picking up the stress signals. Unfortunately, this is life in the big city. It only makes it even more important to take time and find quiet, meditate, read a book, sit under a tree in Central Park or listen to the sound of the water at the pier or beach.

This is why I love teaching my Sunrise Yoga class, having my own early morning Yoga practice and going for a morning run. It is so rare to experience the quietness of the city. If you're out an about between 2-4am you will still encounter the late night club and bar people.  By 7am there are many other joggers or people working out at the gym and even people on their way to work. That time between 5-7am is the perfect time to find stillness. The yogis that come to my Sunrise class come with untainted energy. They're so serene and receptive, as opposed to the yogi's I've taught at other class times when they come in carrying the weight of their entire day. Their energy is sometimes so intense. There is just something about getting up and going to experience that stillness, when the city is not buzzing and vibrating with all its happenings.

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