Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Injuries and bad juju

Since the NYT article about Yoga came out, people think yoga can actually..."wreck your body". I know there already have been various "response" articles but I was just thinking about all the people I teach Yoga to. They already have injuries and they come to Yoga because they always say it makes their injuries feel better. I am one of these people as well. One of  my new favorite places to practice is Yoga Union. I always leave the class feeling 2 inches taller AND they even have Yoga classes specifically for Back Care.

I think people in general are injured from life. They have pain from life, their jobs or their bad relationships. We just hold these stressful, frustrating and painful emotions in our bodies and then we are injured. Its all just a case of bad juju.

Make your juju good:
Changing our brains changing ourselves
Meditate with Alan Finger

Don't have bad juju

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