Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The 3 Gunas
Sattva -balance harmony, higher spiritual potential
Rajas -energy, action, change, movement
Tamas -darkness, inertia, form and materiality

These Gunas exist in nature. They are the 3 main components of the universe. And as our bodies are a microcosm of that universe, they exist within our body's physiology. We need all 3 of these things in order to find balance in our minds and body. This is the goal of Yoga, to be in balance. When we are in balance our bodies can be in balance, thus the physiological processes our bodies need to undergo are at its most optimal functioning.

The relationship between Tamas and Rajas is like having an anchor or tether. This is such an important part of Yoga. In our alignment we have to be grounded or anchored -Tamas, in order for the rest of the body to have movement or to be free -Rajas. When both of these things happen we can feel our minds start to let go and we go into meditation. This is our Sattva. If we don't have Tamas, our Rajas would be out of control and chaotic. If we have too much Tamas it will weigh us down and we'll feel depression, our Rajas will not be strong enough to lift us up and thus be chaotic. It will be difficult to achieve our Sattva. I find that the relationship between Rajas and Tamas are interdependant, one cannot exist without the other and also opposite. As they oppose each other. Together they help create or maintain the Sattva. 

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